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Remuneration & benefits

Every organisation needs to establish clarity on the principles of their remuneration system.

  • A consistent logic for basic reward and contract terms.
  • When, how and on what basis salaries are reviewed.
  • The role of managers in determining pay.
  • Advantages (and otherwise) of pay scales.
  • The design and purpose of bonus and commission schemes - a notorious trap for employers.
  • Pension schemes - why, funding rates, what is "pensionable" (e.g. bonuses?).
  • Cars - why, alternative allowances, tax effectiveness.
  • "Grading" - are grades needed, the link with benefits entitlements, advantages (and otherwise) of job evaluation. Note that several HRCA consultants are skilled in application of Hay job evaluation.

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Principles are then usefully backed up by effective communication and monitoring of such policies:
  • Costing - and communicating the value of - the total package. Making sure there is no tangle on taxation of benefits.
  • Responding to the recruitment market and salary surveys.
  • Identifying the relationship between reward and retention.
  • Is there value in a "cafeteria" compensation approach - staff selecting from a menu of costed benefits.
  • Is a company and its employees really clear on what is a contractual benefit and what is discretionary? Sloppy wording on bonus or car schemes can be a financial and motivational disaster.
  • The whole complex area of equal pay, including legislation on part-time and fixed term staff. This can include issues of access to overtime and discretionary leave, as well as more obvious issues of "equal value", "like work", differential performance ratings, and maternity policies.
  • Avoidance of indirect discrimination. 
  • Tracking grade and salary "drift".

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