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UK outplacement consultants delivering highly regarded services that have helped very many middle managers and senior executives achieve excellent career moves. High quality outplacement programmes make a massive difference when changing jobs.

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Our outplacement programmes

Outplacement is one of our main services.  We have 18 years' experience of delivering high quality programmes.

Our flexible approach means we can provide a range of options, from 1 day group workshops to open ended 1:1 executive support.

We always tailor programmes to meet client - and delegate - needs.  All severance situations are different. Off the shelf solutions are unlikely to be exactly right for the employer or the ex-employee.

HRCA offers a full service in severance and redundancy situations. Where needed, we provide the legal and planning preparation. More typically, we provide job search support programmes ("Outplacement"), plus counselling support at the time of severance. 


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We have extensive materials for delegates, and use psychometric assessment to support initial counselling. The prime objective is to ensure that the individual develops a clear and realistic perception of appropriate working environments and career goals as part of an effective job search campaign.  Employer research, printing/mailing, interview training and a comprehensive database of recruitment consultants are all part of the portfolio of services which also include:
  • A comprehensive online research and document centre with information customised for each delegate.  This includes guidance on the increasingly important use of social networking.
  • Own business start-up support which can include modules on business finance/accountancy from a excellent small business accountancy practice, and web site development.

In the last year we have helped many individuals move into new roles on salaries between 30k & 150k, in market sectors including technology, media, pharmaceuticals and engineering.

There is not an easy single way to measure success - it depends on the objectives of the individual and the employer. However, feedback has been excellent.  We do make a difference, and are committed to delivering a personal service.

Our particular reputation is for making the service personal and bespoke.  This is absolutely not a production line.  Anyone using our services will have a consultant who is committed to results rather than being driven by the clock or timesheet.  It makes a big difference.

Outplacement options - and hence costs - are best initially discussed on a guaranteed confidential basis. 

Please note that we are only able to deliver 1:1 programmes in London or Thames Valley/Southeast.

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