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HR Consultant

Kingshill Management Consultants

Kingshill Management Consultants are the specialists in Equality and Diversity within the Group.

Working primarily with businesses in the private sector, clients include:

Autoglass, BG plc, B&Q, BBC, CBI, Sainsbury's, Kraft Jacob Suchard, Mortgage Express, Employer's Forum on Disability, Ford, Opportunity 2000, GlaxoSmithKline, Deloitte Touche, Virgin OurPrice, Whitbread Inns, WH Smith, Xerox UK and Xerox Europe, Land Rover, Jaguar and Coca Cola.

Kingshill publications:


Disciplinary & grievance investigations


HR policies &

Employment law

Equal pay


Outsourced HR

Employee surveys

Remuneration systems

Employee handbooks

Employment law training

  • "The One Step Ahead Collection" - over 30 major UK company case studies showing how diversity makes a measurable business impact
  • "Demographic trends in Europe" - the facts for diversity in 8 countries.
  • "Partnership is the Secret of Progress" - the first article to introduce the principle of equality and diversity being interdependent
  • "Making the Most" published jointly with the DTI and Opportunity 2000

 Kingshill can be contacted directly at:

Tel: 01494 863166
Fax: 01494 890863

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