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Diversity consulting

We emphasise 2 issues for companies:

  • The significant commercial advantage that comes from truly effective policies on diversity and equal opportunities.
  • The serious risks that can flow from non-compliance with the increasingly complex legislative environment.

Our position is that tackling diversity is a matter of modern business management, not an idealistic programme based on political correctness!  We want our clients to have the benefit of attracting, retaining and motivating the very best employees, without limitations associated with gender, ethnic origin or disability.  Or any of the other facets of diversity which are opportunities for effective resourcing in an environment of skills shortages.

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Support to clients includes:
  • Comprehensive reviews of current policies, testing them against legal requirements and market best practice.
  • Reviews of current practice. So often, what happens "on the ground" is very different from published policies. Scope includes:

Recruitment, selection, appraisal and promotion treatment of maternity leavers and returners.

Employee attitudes, based on a variety of survey and questionnaire techniques.

Establishing clear links between grievance, harassment, EAP and disciplinary policies and practice, with supporting management training where needed.

Investigating the workforce profile, and relating this to external/regional data.

Our work in this area is usually conducted in association with Kingshill Management Consultants who are leaders in the field of UK diversity.

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