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Our work as HR Consultants overlaps in some areas with the services of employment lawyers.  However, we are mainly concerned with avoiding legal problems through sound practices and policies, often directly assisting clients manage disciplinary or redundancy situations.

If a client has a situation that has reached the stage of an actual or potential claim, then we may advise engaging a specialist employment lawyer.  We review the options with clients.

If you are not a current client of our business, and have reached this page because you need - whether as employee or employer - immediate advice from a lawyer, then you may find that going direct to our own legal advisors (Hewetts of Reading) is the best route. 

This is strongly recommended in situations of:

  • Discrimination claims

  • Personal injury

  • All circumstances where a private individual needs legal advice/representation

We have no financial interest in such "referrals", and if you choose to use Hewetts the relationship is strictly between you and them - no information is shared with us.

You might also be interested in Hewetts’ services for employment-related issues where, in our view, expert legal advice is always essential:

  • Director's Service Agreements

  • Partnerships

  • Equity participation

  • Intellectual property

If you are an employer with a particular concern about unpredictable costs of legal representation, then ask Hewetts about their retained employment law service.  For some employers this may be a very attractive alternative to "insured" employment law advice schemes.

Please note that:

  • The information about Hewetts' services is given purely for convenience of site visitors, and as a matter of record that they are our legal advisors.  We have no consequential liability for services provided by Hewetts as a result of clients or site visitors using this information.  Nor have Hewetts any responsibility for any of our work.

  • For reasons of geography, their services are relevant to Thames Valley and London clients only.

The contact is:

www.hewetts.co.uk/employment.htm  [Opens in new window]

By all means mention HR Consulting Associates if you contact them.

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