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Employment Law for Managers

This course is a key part of our employment law training portfolio.  In common with our other programmes it is not an open course; it is extensively customised to meet client requirements and needs at least 6 - optimum 10-12 - delegates.

The course is designed to remind managers, as well as HR practitioners, of the key law affecting their work, and to bring them up to date with new law on discrimination, "family - work/life", data protection/monitoring and discipline/grievance.

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The course is very practical - not a law lecture.  It is built around:
  • The importance of contracts, company policies and the significance of "promises"
  • Managing conduct/performance
  • Avoiding discrimination
  • Overviewing new legislation
  • Synopsis of related law - health and safety, maternity, work-permits, self-employed status etc etc
  • Practical case studies using real examples from our work

We find that clients usually have different emphasis and objectives, e.g. a business involved in delivery of outsourced services will be very concerned with TUPE whereas this need not feature in programmes for most other organisations. 

The courses have particular value if linked to the company's own materials, especially contracts and disciplinary policies, and also to the internal role of the HR department.

For these reasons the courses are best subject to a modest degree of customisation.  Delivery is typically on client site, usually using 2 highly experienced course leaders.

The course can be linked to a consultancy review of your policies.

Delegate feedback from a recent course included:

  • As HR Manager, I knew most information related to law and policy however it was very interesting and useful to hear various “real life” issues and the pragmatic approach taken.

  • Good, snappy presentations and pace.  Excellent responses to questions – answered them appropriately, answered them concisely – really used the experience of the tutors to good effect.

  • The extensive experience of the tutors was evident.  The anecdotes were interesting – just not enough time to do it all justice.

  • Excellent overview for working managers.

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