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Staff handbook

Example contents

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Staff Handbooks

A handbook needs to be bespoke to each client workplace.  Below is an example content of a handbook that was delivered on the client's intranet.  The client environment is very much "in the public eye", and unusually we needed to embed a Code of Business Conduct as part of the handbook.

The contents may be of interest:

Introduction & Welcome

Working for XYZ    


Your contract of employment 

References & pre-employment medicals     

Personal information   


Trade union recognition & membership

Working patterns        


Overtime & time off in lieu 

Flexible working       

Home working       

Part-time working       


Annual leave

Other leave  

Maternity rights

Pay, benefits & expenses  

Pay arrangements     

Income tax  

Job evaluation    

Pay scales & pay reviews        

Continuous service        

Sickness absence      

Pension scheme & retirement    

Termination of Employment 

Appointments, training & development


Performance Planning and Appraisal     


Further Professional Qualifications     


Health & safety           

General statement    

The XYZ health & safety organisation 

Accident prevention responsibilities   

Health & safety training        

Accident investigation 

Use of dangerous equipment, lifting & chemicals    

First aid arrangements     

Fire evacuation procedures  

Workplace security & XYZ property


Pregnant workers       

Working with VDUs          

Using computers & communications equipment    


Telephone use 

Email & internet        

Computer use 

Data protection & privacy        

CCTV Surveillance 

Problems at work 


Dignity at work  Policy       

Discipline  Policy       

Right to be accompanied        

Right of appeal    

Short service employees

Grievance procedures

Harassment & bullying

Code of Business Conduct        

Policy statement      

XYZ's Responsibilities to Employees    

Management Accessibility  

Employment Practices       

Employee Data and Records         


Health and Safety           

Employee Responsibilities       

Complying with the Law   

Personal Behaviour       

Contracts and Agreements   

Conflict of Interest          

Receiving Gifts and Entertaining   


Bribes, Influence Payments, Kickbacks     

Financial Issues

Confidential Information     

Safeguarding XYZ Assets    

Alcohol and Drugs

Reporting Malpractice    

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