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Expert HR consultants providing thorough but sensitive disciplinary investigation services

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Disciplinary investigation

The importance of a thorough disciplinary investigations (and the equivalent grievance investigations) is attracting growing emphasis as critically important prior to a formal hearing.  This is most obviously seen in the 2009 ACAS Code and associated Guide.

Sometimes there can be good reasons for having such investigations conducted by a skilled and independent third party.

  • Objectivity
  • Experience & knowledge
  • Cost saving -  a well conducted investigation is highly relevant to avoiding or reducing the risk of a horribly expensive employment tribunal
  • Significantly reduces emotions and tensions in highly charged situations

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Our consultants managing a disciplinary investigation have:

  • Extensive high level HR experience
  • In-depth understanding of the legal framework, including representing clients at a tribunals and/or being members of employment tribunal panels
  • A full understanding of what needs to be documented and investigated
  • Skills in handling sensitive situations, including investigations of alleged race, sex or other discrimination or harassment, bullying or victimisation
  • Considerable competence in giving evidence and handling cross-examination if ever needed at a hearing
  • The knowledge and professional contacts to obtain highly specialist additional input if needed, example, forensic computing and occupational health advice

We can additionally offer complementary services including:

  • Independent chairing of disciplinary or grievance hearings or appeals
  • Thorough advice on process and procedure
  • Training of line managers in managing disciplinary and grievance situations

Disciplinary and grievance issues are an inescapable feature of employment environments. Particularly when they involve serious, complicated or sensitive allegations/concerns, the consequences of not handling them properly can be exceptionally damaging to reputation and general employee morale.  Never mind increased likelihood of expensive and time-consuming tribunal claims.


if you are confronting such a situation, or are planning for how disciplinary and grievance investigations might be handled in the future, plus contact us for a confidential discussion about options and approaches.


With any disciplinary investigation ...

Please note that:

  • A third party disciplinary investigation does not replace line management.  It provides the parties with a comprehensive objective review and analysis of the facts and issues.  It specifically does not reach any conclusion or give any recommendation as to "rights and wrongs", although it would identify any procedural shortcomings so that these could be rectified before proceeding.

  • Our services managing disciplinary and grievance investigations are confined to London, Thames Valley and southern England.

Contact us if you need help or advice with a grievance or disciplinary investigation.


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