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This page is designed as a basic briefing for people considering whether to take up an employer's offer of "outplacement" support.

We have over 15 years’ experience of working with individuals who are changing jobs, usually as a result of redundancy.

We do not “find a job” for you.  We can – and with some considerable success – help you find a new role much faster than if you were working on your own.  We also emphasise achieving a high quality move – any job change even if unwanted and unplanned is an opportunity to ensure the next role genuinely meets short and longer-term objectives.

The precise detail of a programme depends on:

  • The scope of the services your (often ex) employer has agreed to fund.  But don't worry too much about this  - we only accept assignments where we are confident your requirements will be properly addressed.

  • What you need.  For instance, about ¼ of people on our programmes elect to set up their own business rather than taking another salaried role.

Some programmes are based on group training days, but most outplacement support is 1:1.  We do not have any standard package.  We tailor programmes to meet your specific needs.  Every situation is different. Off the shelf solutions are unlikely to be exactly right. 

The style of our support is that of personal coach.  You have a designated consultant whom you can contact direct whenever you want.

Support is provided through two channels:

  • A personal programme of meetings.

  • A support package of information, provided on-line.  You have your own password protected web page with innumerable sources of job search material.

What is covered?

The personal programme is designed around individual priorities and objectives.  It is likely to include:

  • Stage 1 – What are you looking for

    • Values, wants, needs, style and personality, preferred environments/cultures, what to avoid.  Inputs can include use of psychometric questionnaires.  Output is a template of you and your requirements.

    • You and the market.  Now, + strategic implications of how the market is changing.  Output is the options emerging from matching you to the changing market environment.

    • Evaluation of options - which are complementary, which are mutually exclusive, which do you like and not like.  Output is a “game plan” for the job search.


  • Stage 2 – Personal marketing 

    • CV’s, letters, emails.

    • Sources of jobs.

    • Interviews and offer negotiation.

    • If relevant we can offer additional modules on own business planning and start-up - accountancy, legal, web sites etc.


  • The support information pack includes:

    • Workbook "Successful Job Search".

    • Directory listings of recruitment companies/headhunters.

    • Sources of employer information.

    • Links to jobs boards and numerous other recruitment-related material.

    • Regularly updated reference materials on job search.

Email and ‘phone support is available – and encouraged – throughout the programme.

Often delegates on our programmes find it valuable to talk through the experience and feelings about losing a job.  Others do not, or are delighted to be leaving.  But redundancy is usually an unpleasant, unwelcome and worrying event.  We do not push "counselling", but whoever you work with will be trained and competent in listening.   Working through concerns, building a realistic plan for achieving new employment, and "getting on with it" is usually very helpful in reducing worries, including for families.

How long will it take?

Your ex-employer pays for our services mainly based on an estimated amount of consultancy support.  We share this with you so that we can build a plan that takes account of budgeted support time and an informed assessment of how long it might take you to find a new role.

The time to find a new job is unpredictable.  Factors such as age and seniority are significant, as are preferred locations of work and market sector. 


This year the fastest appointment achieved by one of our delegates was 3 weeks, despite being quite senior and “mature”.  Some others have been working on job search for several months.  The average is around 3 months.  We can try to give you a realistic estimate when we meet.  It is no surprise that a younger or less senior person should be expecting 1 or 2 months, a senior specialist in their 40’s/50’s can take 3months or more depending on professional discipline.

When we plan and agree a programme that meets your priorities, we document this as actions and a timetable.  “How long” is part of this.  Some individuals want to move very fast, others to take a break before starting on job search.  For senior executives we usually suggest planning a programme over 3 months – the recruitment process can take a surprisingly long time.  Should it happen that at the end of the agreed programme you were still looking for the right opportunity, the ‘phone and email support continues. 

If your ex-employer is prepared to fund it, then we offer "open ended" programmes - no limit on the duration of the support.  However, we do not walk away from anyone who has exhausted the funded programme - we will always help.


Meetings are usually either in the Thames Valley or the West End.  We can arrange alternatives – the objective is somewhere convenient to you.

Confidentiality and cost

We only work on programmes that are employer funded – there is no cost to you other than travel to meetings.

The ex-employer has reports on activity – they need to know that we are delivering what was promised.  But we keep the content of all work strictly confidential – what we discuss, or what you choose to do, is never reported to the ex-employer unless you agree for some reason that you would like this to happen.

As the employer pays us, we cannot give a delegate any advice or comment on the legal aspects of any redundancy!

Starting a programme

There is no obligation at all for you to take up the offer of assistance.  It is completely voluntary, but also free and does not result in any tax liability.  Remember that the objective is simply to help you achieve a new role faster by providing information, structure, feedback and “inside knowledge”.  

If you would like to consider the option, then ‘phone.  We can talk it through, and then (if it suits you) arrange an informal meeting to talk through your situation and requirements.

Ed Millie




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