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HR Consultants - Timeline

1991.  HRCA ( the trading name of HR Consulting Associates) founded as a generalist HR management consultancy, trading as a partnership.

2001.  Joint-venture with a colleague consultancy Kingshill Management Consultants to form CoPeople (trading name of Corporate People Ltd) - a niche provider of employee surveys and associated research.

2007.  Establish our Internet recruitment advertising service under the brand Netrecruiting.

2007.  HRCA becomes a limited company.

2009.  NetRecruiting renamed HRCA Resourcing to reflect the comprehensive services required by clients.

June 2009.  Formation of The Peira Group, comprising HRCA, Kingshill, CoPeople and HRCA Resourcing. The businesses operate independently but the Group structure better supports clients needing broad integrated services particularly in the context of a organisation and culture change programmes.


HR policies &

Employment law


Outsourced HR

Employee surveys

Remuneration systems

Employee handbooks

Employment law training


What we do

HRCA has 3 practice areas (example services shown below):

HR services
  • One stop advice & support
  • Outsourced HR
  • Recruitment & assessment support, including managed internet advertising
  • "Problems" - employee rights, dismissals, redundancies, compromise agreements
  • Contracts & handbooks
Employee services
  • Mentoring
  • Outplacement & job search
  • Executive coaching
  • Career management & planning
  • Counselling
HR policy
  • HR policy development
  • Pay & benefits
  • Equal pay guidance/audits
  • Benchmarking
  • Employment law training

All consultants delivering client work for HRCA have an impressive corporate history, are graduates and are corporate members of the CIPD.  Additionally, consultants will have qualifications specific to their specialism, e.g.. British Psychological Society level 1 and 2 accreditation.

Our principles

Yes of course we believe in Quality and Customer Focus. But so does everyone else. Out of interest, several of the HRCA team were at the centre of the very first UK corporate applications of Quality within Xerox in the 1980's. You will find these case studies in current books on Quality.

Our aims are that:

  • Clients should be really pleased with what we deliver, because we will listen and reflect their needs and culture in our work. No packaged solutions.

  • We respect the commercial objectives of our private sector clients, and want to save them cost or increase their revenues. 

  • We intend enjoying our work, and hopefully sharing the enthusiasm.

  • With very few exceptions such as outplacement, the role of an HR consultant is to focus on delivery through client managers. We are there to investigate and advise, not try and take over.

  • We think that technology should make life easier. Wherever appropriate we will integrate our work and processes with the software standards of the client, make maximum beneficial use of data communications, and use application software skills to achieve excellent presentation and robust but sophisticated processing tools.

  • By organising ourselves effectively, we know we can be a profitable business and yet be charging fees that discount "big names" by 25-50%. We are confident this is not a myth - all consultants in the team have either worked at these sorts of rates for other organisations, or in executive roles have paid such invoices.

  • Professional standards underpin many of these intentions. Our consultants are as a minimum members of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and bound by both general rules and specific Codes of Conduct. We do not expect to make errors, but clients need to know that all consultants are covered by comprehensive professional indemnity insurance.

More important than any of these intentions - which we do deliver - is our belief that:

  • Wherever possible, solutions to a client's need should be integrated with, or replace, existing processes. Our clients do not need yet another stand-alone initiative, however professional. They want coherent, integrated, value-added personnel management solutions.

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